Who We Are

EWA has been born out of deep concern at the E-Waste Recycling Industry’s inability to keep pace with the IT revolution.

EWA Offers a Fresh Approach

EWA offers a fresh approach to Recycling that has the potential to cleanse the world of E-Waste.

Eco-Friendly Manner

EWA is a material made out of e-waste and recycled plastics in an eco-friendly manner.

EWA is 100% Recyclable

So when no longer required, it can used to make other products in the same eco-friendly manner.

Our Products

Features of EWA

Made from 100% waste in an eco-friendly process. No harmful gases, pollutants , green house gases, effluents or hazardous by products are released during the process.

  • EWA products are not subject to any special chemical treatment.
  • The products have near perpetual life.
  • Products are termite proof, borer proof, rust proof, corrosion proof etc
  • When no longer required, the products can be recycled 100% in an eco-friendly process
  • EWA is aesthetically appealing without the usage of any artificial colors. EWA utilizes the colors of recycled plastic and e-waste components to make products aesthetically appealing.
  • Every single EWA product is unique in design. No two EWA products will look exactly the same.
  • EWA can be used to make products ranging from small pots to outdoor garden furniture.

Benefits of EWA

It Offers a Recycling Method That Can Actually Keep Pace With the IT revolution.

It Uses Hazardous Waste Headed for Landfills As Raw Material, Thus Saving the Earth From Irreversible Pollution.

It Can Be Cut, Holed and Even Machined to a Very Large Extent Making the Material Extremely User Friendly.

It Can Be Used to Make Several Products and Shapes Whilst Conforming to a Particular Geometry.